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How to write and complete an abstract

How to write an abstract | The Ultimate and Detailed Guide

Abstracts are different. Maybe an ordinary abstract on some topic, maybe an abstract for a thesis (contains a description of the thesis), as well as an abstract for a dissertation. Below, experts from, who have written thousands of abstracts, describe the methodology for working with regular abstracts.

1.Choose a topic and come up with a design abstract a. 

We come up with a design for the abstract

2. We are looking for information on the topic.

How to achieve the desired uniqueness

The second and subsequent search pages are not always a guarantee of the uniqueness of your abstract, but the thoroughness of the search for the necessary information always affects the design of the abstract and its content.  

The search for information should, first of all, be done according to scientific articles, monographs, dissertations, as well as primary sources on the Internet. Literature should be in the last 5 years as a priority, and in general it is desirable not older than the last 10-15 years. As for the primary sources, they obviously can be old, this is normal. But if you are writing an abstract, for example, on biology, and your topic is genetics, for example, you cannot use old sources. You need new research. If your work is stuck and you cannot find new good research, we will help you

Particular attention should be paid to legislative acts that govern the topic you have chosen. Internal legal acts should be current at the time of writing, and international legal acts are indicated in the bibliography in the first place.

3. We draw up a plan of the abstract and make a layout by the number of pages for each item according to the teacher's requirements, in order to understand how to draw up the abstract .   

Standard requirements for the abstract provide 15 pages, of which 1 - title, 1 - content, 1 - introduction, 1-2 - conclusions and 10 pages (3-4 for each of 3 sections). The list of references, as a rule, is not taken into account in the volume of pages of the abstract.

Abstract structure

4.We write the work according to the points and follow the rules for completing the abstract . 

It is also necessary to pay attention to the uniqueness of the work. In order for your abstract to be as unique as possible, you do not need to copy information from the first available source, which people have copied before you dozens and hundreds of times. Take as a basis the research of scientists on your topic, supplement them with your own analysis and comments.

5.Write conclusions.

If you have written an abstract, but you have no time left for high-quality term paper, we will help you with this

Conclusion and conclusions of the abstract

6. We organize the list of references.

References can be sorted alphabetically or by chronology of references to sources in the work. The first is usually the normative legal acts. Then articles, scientific literature, textbooks and links to Internet sources. References to literature sources in the work are marked with square brackets, for example [5, p.17] or simply [5].

7. We edit the work and share with classmates how to correctly draw up an essay . 

Of course, each author has his own practical secrets of how to make an essay as unique and high-quality as possible. We hope that after reading this manual it will be a little easier and easier for you to write essays and earn your points.



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