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Research Essay Outline on Tightening of Weapon Control Laws
The write my paper experts have a general consensus that crafting an outline is extremely helpful for students to be able to structure a research essay properly. The presence of an outline reflects as a foundation from which you’re able to successfully structure an entire research essay. For that, your outline needs to be as comprehensive and concise as possible.
The primary motive of the outline is to briefly cover the main message of the research essay for the writer to build upon. To better understand this form of writing, the best option for you is to visit online writing services and purchase a model research essay outline to explore all its main elements and dimensions. This form of awareness will surely help you to better create an outline for your research essay. Nothing can be better to review a sample outline and observe the subtleties of outline crafting first hand. 
Outline on Tightening of weapon Control Laws & its Implications
The alarmingly growing number of weapon shooting cases in the country make it essential to take some additional and strict measures to deal with this problem. There is the existence of weapon control laws but it is high time to figure out whether existing legal actions are enough to address this calamity according to paper writing service. The massive increase in incidents of weapon shooting explicitly indicates that there is a need to adopt some strict reforms referring to perspectives of weapon control laws and its beneficial implications. Proper enforcement of weapon control laws is a mandatory condition to expect better outcomes in the end. Tightening weapon control laws is a necessary approach to provide a protective living environment for all citizens without any discrimination.
Thesis Statement
An  essay writing service focuses on critically analyzing the existing position of weapon control laws to figure out the need of tightening these laws and implications according to the growing threat of weapon shooting.
Paragraph 1: Importance of weapon Control Laws

To successfully restrict the access of weapons to save lives and decrease the growing crime rate.
A strict weapon control policy is a vital action to avoid the incident of the shooting massacre in the country.
The provision of a secure environment for every citizen is one of the fundamental duties of law enforcement institutions.

Paragraph 2: Effects of weapon Control Laws

To properly regulate the process of weapon and ammunition acquisitions.
To control the current spike of school shooting cases in the country.
Limit the use of military-style weapons in the events of violence.

Paragraph 3: Current Implications of weapon Control Laws

Possible costs and benefits of offering weapon control policies referring to the effects of legal implications.
Current consideration of the overall health of the weapon industry currently operating in the country.
The specific prospect in the form of individuals’ tendency to defend themselves.
The increasing concern for homicide and suicide rates.

Paragraph 4: Need for Tightening weapon Control Laws

To reduce the risk of weapon violence at different levels.
Need for stricter background checks to ensure the imposition of legal positioning of weapons.
To control the accessibility of harmful weapons particularly in the case of teenagers. 

Paragraph 5: Proposed Practical Measures to Implement weapon Control Laws

Development of a comprehensive mechanism in the form of background controls.
Application of "Red Flag" laws to increase the authority of the judiciary in case of severe conditions.

To conclude this, the thesis writing service explain that it is vital to ensure the involvement of all the stakeholders to ensure the appropriate application of weapon control laws. Understanding of true effects of laws is an essential condition to expect better outcomes in the end. Integration between state and federal laws is an integral condition to properly enforce weapon control policies according to the requirements.
This is the part where you have to cite the sources you’ve consulted in your essay. Each of your sources has to be formatted in the proper style defined by your chosen citation standard and arranged alphabetically in a list. You can see examples below;
Goss, K. (2010). Disarmed: The missing movement for weapon control in America. Princeton University Press.
Loftin, C., Heumann, M., & McDowall, D. (1983). Mandatory sentencing and firearms violence: Evaluating an alternative to weapon control. Law and Society Review, 287-318.
Spitzer, Robert J. Politics of weapon control. Routledge, 2015.
Zimring, F. (1968). Is weapon control likely to reduce violent killings?. The University of Chicago Law Review, 35(4), 721-737.
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