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How to Build a Successful Real Estate App for #UKHousing

Success in real estate is all about your relationship with your customers—whether buying or renting, every deal starts with searching for information and getting connected. Building those relationships requires access to customers, and how you make those connections is the key to your success. In that regard, mobile apps become a very valuable asset as they provide access to customers in a way that no other technology can quite compete with; you’ll be right in their pocket night and day.

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Why Mobile Apps?


To open the conversation, I think it is important to establish how important apps are in the lives of everyday consumers. Smartphone adoption is at about 80% in the UK. On top of that, the average smartphone user is likely to use more than 25 apps in any given month, spending ~40 hours in apps each month, that’s more than they spend online browsing the web!

Apps are very deeply ingrained in the consumer culture and with the app industry growing app and software development company - https://jatapp.com/ - has escalated many businesses worldwide. People turn to apps to solve all kinds of problems, hence why we see so many success stories from app startups. Consumer tasks like purchase real estate are no exception—people will search for apps to aid them, and that is where the opportunity lies.

Whatever your role in the industry, power comes from your ability to capture the attention of customers. Apps will do exactly that, branded to you, providing value to the customer while keeping them engaged with your service. Such an app can play a huge role in funneling customers into your contact book or providing traffic to boost your other business pursuits.


First Considerations


Your primary concern when building an app like this is to find a core functionality which will provide value to customers. Without that value, the app fails to draw in users, and without users, the app cannot provide value to you. So to serve as the foundation of the app, stop one is to answer the question: “what does the app do that provides value to users?”

For example, in real estate, value is likely to be derived from location-based services, money save, or providing valuable human connections. A cross platform app for iPhone and Android has benefitted many real estate companies in UK and #UKHousing #UKRealEstate by large. Your understanding of the industry will be your greatest asset in this area. Without knowing too much about mobile app technology, you can still approach an app development company like Software Developers UK with your goals, and let the mobile tech experts guide you when it comes to technical feasibility.




Next you’ll need to work out your business plan and how to monetize your app after development and launch. How the app will benefit you. Common basic systems are to serve in-app ads, to sell in-app purchases or subscriptions, or to forge partnerships with other businesses. Perhaps the app will simply serve as a marketing tool, driving customers to your existing business systems. Apply some business creativity to figure out what works for you. With that worked out, you have a basic framework for your app’s goals.


Design & Development


Now it’s time to actually build the app. This comes in two phases: the first is to design the information architecture, aesthetics, and general UX. Create all the art assets which will form the user interface of the app.

The second is to set out programming the desired functionalities into the app, bring life to each screen you’ve designed, and code in all the desired functionalities. This is the bulk of the work, especially if the app will involve close integration with database and server-side infrastructure. At the end of the development phase, testing and bug-fixing ensure the product is polished and complete.


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