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Choosing The Right Twin Platform Bed For Kids


When it comes to sleep and beds, everyone has a preference.However, sleep can have an impactful meaning on many, including children, if they choose the best bed frames and bed size for them to rest easy and get a goodnight sleep. After all, children are growing up by the second and they need their sleep as well.


Picking The Right Twin Platform Bed


Now for children, it is best that they have a twin size bed and bed frame since they are small. They would still have enough space to toss and turn for maximum comfort and support, but there is more to simply just pointing out a twin size platform bed and call it a day (or night. No pun intended here.)That is why you should consider additional factors alongside your twin sized bed so that your children can sleep soundly at night, knowing that they picked the right bed and factors suited for them.


1. Choose The Right Bed Frame


It is important to understand that the dimensions of a twin bed is roughly 38 x 75 inches, so that is a lot of space for your child if they are small. However, you should also consider the right bed frame for them.Make sure then when choosing the right bed frame, it is one that is solid and easy to climb to the bed for a good night's sleep. It is preferable that you get one of those where there is a small ladder if they wish to have their bed higher and other accessories that they can put their stuff on the bottom of the bed.


2. Make Sure You Have Bedroom Space


It is not always just the right bed frame or bed size, but understanding that the bed itself may or may not fit the size of the bedroom space itself.


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Thankfully, twin bed platforms and beds in general don’t have this much of an issue, especially for younger children given that the dimensions of the bed itself is rather small. With twin beds, they help to accommodate the space needed for their bedroom’s accessories.


3. Mattress Support Is Important


The frame itself isn’t the only thing needed for the bed to be in place and have your child get some good night sleep. A mattress support is important for them to have.Box-springs and platform beds are perfect ways of allowing that support as you head to sleep. For children especially, the latter are perfect for them to allow for maximum comfort.


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In the end, it is important to take these things into major consideration when it comes to finding the right twin platform bed for your child. It helps as it allows the best sleep and comfort for not only your child, but also for you as you know you made the right decision picking out what is best for your child’s goodnight sleep.



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